The "Enneas"


It is a variant of trias that made its appearance during the Hellenistic era and continued to be played up to recently (as enniapetro- consisted of nine stones).

It was played by two players on a shaded surface that was constituted of three concentric squares linked with the midpoints of their sides. They were thus created in the points of the section of the lines 24 positions for the pieces. The players were holding by nine pawns (of different colour or type e.g. black and white pebbles, broad beans and beans, walnuts and acorns, etc.) and they were trying to place them alternately by shaping a trinity (trias) in a straight line or they were trying to prevent the opponent from achieving this. When they shaped a trias (trinity) then they were removing a piece from the opponent and when any of the players remained with only two pieces then he had lost the game.



Υλικό: Ξύλο
Χρώμα: Δρυς

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